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We are an approved FDLE and FBI livescan vendor, and we are dedicated to providing services at top-grade level

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Fast Service

We complete your entire service within a short time

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Latest Technology

Tech-enabled service for speed, reliability, security



We are FBI CJIS security compliant


3 Easy Steps

What you need to be processed:

-ORI number 

-Government – issue photo ID (Passport, driver’s license, etc.)
-Social Security Number

We accept the following methods of payment:

-Credit or Debit card
(+$3 transaction fee)
-Business Check

What you need to be processed:

-Click here and use TCN given at time of appointment to check processing status.

-It can take the FDLE 3-5 days to route your results to your requesting agency.


As the founder and owner of Brighter Days Testing Center, LLC, our passion lies in providing expedited, precise, and top-notch background screening services for employers and job applicants. Our offerings include employment history verification, criminal records checks, and sex offender registry searches, all aimed at delivering the highest level of quality.


We distinguish ourselves from the competition with our mobility. Brighter Days Testing Center provides services to clients at their workplaces, well-lit local establishments, or the comfort and convenience of their homes. We even offer a smooth and hassle-free experience for applicants seeking fingerprinting and notary services seeking to land their dream job. With our assistance, employment agencies can effortlessly obtain the background information required to proceed with the hiring process.


Since the beginning, We have led the company to serve a diverse range of clients, including the Department of Children and Families, attorneys and other legal professionals, real estate agents, appraisers, construction contractors, individuals seeking FBI self-check reports, international colleges and universities, licensed vocational nurses, registered nurses, and many others.


Brighter Days Testing Center holds certifications from the State of Florida Notary Office and the Federal government.  Our advanced software and highly trained professional staff ensure that you receive hassle-free, high-quality fingerprint images that reduce the risk of errors and rejections.


This is all possible due to our excellent staff and because we take pride in leveraging my critical thinking skills to work effectively under pressure to help people achieve their life goals. I value success, integrity, kindness, and compassion. And as a Minority Women's Business Certified Enterprise and an FDLE and FBI-approved vendor, we provide professional services at both the employer and employee levels.

Lateshia & Darrell Glass


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